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OneDirectionStaff | miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014 | 0 Comentarios

[Pre-ChorAnnotateus] If this room was burning
I wouldn't even notice Cause you've been taking up my mind
With your little white lies, little white lies
[Verse 1] You say it's getting late
It's getting late
And you don't know if you can stay
If you can stay
But you, you don't tell the truth
No you, you like playing games
Your hands touching me, they're touching me
And your eyes keep saying things
They say what we do
When it's only me and you
I can't concentrate
That's all I'm thinking about
All I keep thinking about
Everything else just fades away
[Chorus] You say you're a good girl
But I know you would girl
Cause you've been telling me all night
With your little white lies, little white lies
With your little white lies, little white lies
[Verse 2]
Back seat of the cab
We're in the cab
My lips getting so attached
They're so attached
Now you wanna make some rules
Now, cool – then we'll watch them break tonight
I know what you want
And I've been waiting so long
[Bridge] I know you want it
I know you feel it too
Let's stop pretending
That you don't know what I don't know
Just what we came to do

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